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Jan 27, 2021

Lots of news this week! Gamestop soaring in stocks, leaving Hedge Funds malding. After that we get in to the mixed messaging of Twitch bans as well as some good news in how emotes are uploaded. Then we get in to some games such as Path of Exile, Nioh 2 on PC, Hitman 3, as well as American McGee's Alice + more!

Jan 20, 2021

CDPR is on another apology binge amidst more lawsuits over the state of Cyberpunk 2077. Then we move directly in to the new Path of Exile league and why it's the best league for new, returning and veteran players. Then Zeke goes to retro space in Space Quest IV + much more!

Jan 13, 2021

There's a lot of drama surrounding a Twitch Emote this week as we dig deep into the why. After that we get in to the new Path of Exile expansion/League "Echoes Of The Atlas," Stardew Valley 1.5, accidental TK in Tarkov, and trying to run CD-ROM games. All that and more on a shatteringly good episode of Dropped Frames!

Jan 7, 2021

We look to the immediate future in video games and check the 2021 release schedule. Then we move in to Capcom's new content creation guidelines before digging in to Escape From Tarkov and Zeke's 3rd Annual CD-ROM-a-thon!

Jan 2, 2021

This is it! Our definitive list of video games for the year 2020 are here. Just in time for 2021!