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Jan 23, 2019

The trio of Twitch tackle the latest news, discuss KH difficulty, Desolate, and more in the final week leading into the most important video game of all time: Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Jan 17, 2019

The trio decide to tackle the age old question: What is indie? Also, Cohh and JP try to convince Zeke to play KH2, and then Zeke plays the worst Christmas games of all times. Also, old virtual machines. 

Jan 10, 2019

Zeke breaks the show and the cast spend the first hour and a half gabbing about Twitch, ads, future platform updates, and upcoming game releases. In the second half, JP finds a friend to chat to about Kingdom Hearts, and we learn about Hades, Kenshi, and the moonlogic of Discworld! 

Jan 2, 2019

The boys recap the past year in gaming with the annual Dropped Frames GotY Show! Top 10 lists and favorites galore! Thank you all for listening the past year and can't wait to see whats in store in 2019!